September 2004

LAN party!
A bunch of guys from 3rd Platoon visited our bunker for a platoon vs. platoon LAN party of Counter Strike!

You may recall we shot a chicken farmer whom we thought was an insurgent. Well, we patched him up and he is doing quite fine now! (photographer unknown)

chicken farmer healing nicely

chicken farmer healing nicely

chicken farmer healing nicely

chicken farmer healing nicely

Ray and Socky get the CIB!
Ray and Socky are awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge. (photo from Ray)

Looking down at the canal the LT fell into during the firefight where he nearly drown

The family my grenades barely missed, most of whom were young girls

Darren with the circular saw
Darren builds the frame of the climbing wall.

Phase one of wall complete
The first phase of the wall is already up.

With a little teamwork– including from the ICDC!– the frame starts going up.

Darren secures the frame
Darren secures the frame.

Almost done
Almost done.

Ray climbing
Ray climbing.

At the World Trade Center, September 2001

In the back of a flatbed Humvee, enroute to the ambush site. From the left: Rich, Chris, Sean, Jeff.

The bus full of baby chickens we shot up, now being towed with Whiskey at the wheel

The massive fire I started. Oops-a-daisy.

Car bombs sure make a mess

Modern art masterpiece– Volkswagon frame, a la automobil bomba des insurgente arseholes, 2004

You ordered the engine block? Is it okay if I just put it here by the garbage?

Wounded Air Force guy. Notice the Nissan emblem on the truck’s grill. Car emblems are cool.

The medevac chopper landed in a field near the intersection. The wounded Air Force guy was flown out shortly thereafter.

The wrong truck

Still the wrong truck pulling the thieves’ truck

“What box of cash?”

While we were checking out the guys with the cash, we stopped another vehicle behind them. The vehicle was clean, but the battery died and they couldn’t start the engine again. So we asked the guys with the Olympic soccer cash to give them a jump. They did so begrudgingly.

My ghetto fabulous VW emblem car bomb necklace