I’m sorry. I’m really agitated right now about this whole stupid mess. I truly have better things to write about. Like how much ass we kicked at JRTC at Fort Polk in Louisiana. Or like how I got my first injury ever in the Army in twelve years (second degree sprained ankle). Lesson learned: just because you can jump across a ravine, doesn’t mean your ankle is not going to give out from the body armor and all the gear you wear when you land on swampy soft ground. Or like how we got issued M4s finally. Or like how we recently found out that we are going to be part of the main effort for the 1st ID where 90% of our missions will be combat missions in the Sunni Triangle (translation: we will being seeing a lot of action). Or like how Tim Smith and his coworkers at Maxis Software/Electronic Arts in Walnut Creek, California hooked me and my guys up with some GameBoys and a ton of games (including for the PC and PS2). This is truly cool. There are care packages (brownies, stamps, toilet paper) and there are Care Packages (a couple thousand dollars worth of video games). Tim, you are now in our cool book.

At some point I’ll actually get to the part where I cover what we did in Loozee-anna. I’m just pissed that I missed half of it because of my stupid ankle. I did however take part in the assault that got us an enormous enemy weapons cache and the squad leader I was attached to at the time (Jeff) the “Hero of the Rotation” award. This is twice now that I’ve found myself working with this guy where I’ve had a blast (no pun intended) (see last door-demolishing sniper-killing entry).

After twisting my ankle, I had to man the radio in our tactical operations center (TOC). Being that I was now working with the command structure, I thought I’d try out my Patton look.

Socky is really into Medal of Honor for the GameBoy Advance. Socky says thanks, Tim!