Firing the .50-cal at the abandoned truck.

Blowing up the abandoned truck and almost the dog.

before explosion
One second before the explosion, dumb little doggie doing dumb little doggie trot.

Dumb little doggie totally unaffected by dumb little explosion.

dog runs
Dumb little doggie’s genius moment: “Um, I guess I won’t go that way. Ruff!”

stearing column
They say you get an erection when you have a spinal injury. This truck’s defiant stearing column made me think of this.

A couple locals watch with us.

local home
Their lovely home. Be glad I didn’t take a photograph of their shit trench. I make light of the living conditions here, but to honest it saddens me to see people live like this.

destroyed mosque
Arab on Arab crime involving detonating a case of Whoopass. Some of the locals look on as we survey the damage.

EOD:mosque damaged
EOD investigates. They conclude, Yup, the mosque is definitely damaged.