The pool at the Balad Air Base

Karl and Earl [Staff Sergeant Karl O. Soto-Pinedo of San Juan, Puerto Rico – KIA 02/27/07 – Baghdad, Iraq]

Me trying to look cool at the “bar”. Notice the awesome pentagram belt buckle. All hail Satan!

I always thought rave kids would love the Army because of the ready availability of chem lights to do their chem light dances. I was right. Here a raver-kid/combat-soldier does the chem light-swinging dance thing on the dance floor at the bar.

Lawrence chatting with Chris

With Chris

The coastal skyline of Doha, Qatar

Doha has got to be the most immaculate and most boring place on earth

The Amir’s palace

Starbucks– approaching world domination by taking over one culture at a time

Returning from Qatar, the view of my area of operations in Iraq, as seen from the plane