Car bombs sure make a mess

Modern art masterpiece– Volkswagon frame, a la automobil bomba des insurgente arseholes, 2004

You ordered the engine block? Is it okay if I just put it here by the garbage?

Wounded Air Force guy. Notice the Nissan emblem on the truck’s grill. Car emblems are cool.

The medevac chopper landed in a field near the intersection. The wounded Air Force guy was flown out shortly thereafter.

The wrong truck

Still the wrong truck pulling the thieves’ truck

“What box of cash?”

While we were checking out the guys with the cash, we stopped another vehicle behind them. The vehicle was clean, but the battery died and they couldn’t start the engine again. So we asked the guys with the Olympic soccer cash to give them a jump. They did so begrudgingly.

My ghetto fabulous VW emblem car bomb necklace